Becoming eco-friendly

My journey on making my small business eco-friendly.

On 2021 as Alpha Gurl went through changes I decided to switch my packaging to eco-friendly. I made a commitment that I will be integrating it, little by little. As a small business, eco-conscious packaging could get a little expensive. But my goal is to contribute my grain of salt little by little until all my packaging is environment-friendly.

So here are a few changes I've made to contribute:

  • I replaced tissue papers for 100% recycled kraft paper.
  • I replaced my drawstring bags made out of organza, which takes years in discompose for recyclable cotton drawstring bags that you could re-use/recycle.
  • I will no longer use business cards as many people dispose them.
  • I changed my thank you cards for a design that you could store, and switched to a recyclable material. 
  • I changed my most used mailers for recyclable corrugated boxes, which are biodegradable. 
  • I replaced my smallest mailers for 100% biodegradable mailers.
  • With each purchase I'm donating a portion to projects like Verified Carbon Standards & Pachama, which helps reduce carbon footprints.

This are a few changes I made to contribute my grain of salt. I hope that by making those switches I'm able to help make earth a better place.

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